TYM Tractors T474 VALUE Compact Tractor

TYM Tractors T474  VALUE Compact Tractor for sale at Windstar Equipment and Auctions, TX

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TYM Tractors T474  VALUE Compact Tractor for sale at Windstar Equipment and Auctions, TX




  • Kukje Diesel Engine: Highest Power and Performance. Easy Maintenance and Repair. Simple Regeneration System. 4 cylinder, 48.3hp for NA, 55hp with TurboLess Noise and Vibration in its Class. Environment Friendly EPA Tier 4.
  • Heavy duty, reliable axles paired with the power steering system makes maneuvering smooth and simple.
  • Backhoes and other attachments are no problem with the standard single remote with detent.
  • Combined with the PTO lever on the side of the operator’s station, The Auto PTO switch lets you choose the PTO mode that works best for the work you’re doing.
  • Get your three-point hitch in just the right position (without reaching into the operator’s station) with the external position control.
  • The loader control is set up and wired for third function, making is easy to add if the job requires.
  • Early mornings and late nights are no problem with lights on cabin models to help you see what you’re doing.
  • Get all the information you need to ensure your tractor is working the way you want it to.
  • Keep your drinks, gadgets, and tools within reach and fully charged with standard holders and outlets.
  • Long runs are no problem when you just set your speed and go.
  • Automatically increase engine power when you increase speed, making it more intuitive to get that extra push to get the job done.
  • Full heat and AC cabin provides greater visibility for you to manage any task
  • Work in comfort with an upgraded seat, Bluetooth-enabled sound system, cupholders, and outlets for your devices.


t474 spec

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